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Hiya! This is Tendril, a project that started out as a FBF experiment and blossomed, or something.
The music is Mr. Shifty by Gorgorothx (Scag Baron). He made the second half of the song for this flash so check his stuff out sometime and praise him.
Vote fairly, I know it's pretty experimental.

P.S yea it's a little short. Oh Freakin' Well!

IMPORTANT EDIT: The flash is not broken. It has a preloader, but when click on it a plain white screen appears. If this happens either give it a second to start up or close it out and open it again. I'm trying to figure the problem out, it might be the file size.

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So this was kind of cool and I like the idea here you have a nice sense of detail and I think how you use the color effects are even great I love how this all played out so really nice job here and nice elements of effects so nice job indeed and do hope you make even more


Very impressive. I wish this level of quality was more common place in the Flash portal. It's a combination of blatantly minimalistic yet endearing aspects; in reality it's just a texturized background with a bunch of really basic outline transformation animations that break apart & shrink to nothing before being quickly replaced by others with a straight, horizontal line set across the middle as a horizon. However, these things combined together just cross the threshold from amateurish to impressive. It demonstrates that the author isn't simply a novice to animation but rather that he's clever & experienced enough to combine a series of shortcuts together to form a cohesive whole without spending exorbitant amounts of time perfecting the project. The constantly forward moving momentum helps distract from the pieces & forces you to focus on the whole; when one thing disappears, another appears elsewhere. Something that could have easily come across as cheap & devoid of effort is masterfully woven to a discount fabric, now 30% off.

My only complaint is that some things that are clearly meant to stay gripped to the ground kept flooding up above the horizon, such as the blood produced by the tree roots in the beginning.

~Review Request Club.

Nicely Done!

I really liked the use of color on this one. The imagery was random, but that seemed to work to your advantage. It had a way of really holding my attention. It was fun to watch!

Good Work

Enjoyed the style of this flash, and liked the music. Very trippy to watch, great choice of music for this flash as well. I liked the fact that you did a frame by frame flash with colours, that made it more entertaining.

Great short all in all, and I look forward to seeing what other flash you create in the mean time.



Dude the best part was when the evil stick figure got blown up by a tomato xD and wth was that at the end?!? must ... say.... thoughts... on... ending..... >_< *dead phone*

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3.93 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2009
7:11 PM EDT
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