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Zafina of Eden IV


(3400 A.D.) Zafina is the warrior of EDEN IV, created over 950 years ago after humanity witnessed a Reality Distortion Phenomena, only to realize that they were being attacked by a demonic creature named Entity, who had forced himself into existence in our current Universe. 900 years ago, Zafina faced the creature and won, only to observe that almost half of EDEN IV had been destroyed as a result of the battle, and the two fought ALONE no less. She was released 50 years ago after Entity revived himself and took control of the Library, a tool that humanity had created to keep all that existed in check. Now, Zafina is training to fight Entity again.

Personality wise, Zafina is narcissistic, stubborn, quick to anger, and predictable. She worships her body, and due to the fact that she has the power to manipulate time and space (to a low degree; we're not talking some Dialga's Roar of Time insanity here), her ego has grown bigger since she became the "Eden Savior". Her powers of space time manipulation include the ability to will anything to use as a weapon into existence. She can summon temporary weapons to throw at her enemies, such as those things Dizzy from Guilty Gear can throw that look like flying knives and so on.

I wanted to create a narcissistic character because I always liked the characters with the huge egos, simply because they are fun to work with and can sometimes be over-dramatic, and that allows you a lot of freedom with their expressions and so on.

This is my new style, and I really hope you enjoy it! I did a lot of things I normally would not be comfortable with, so please enjoy!

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With what Celx said, what the hell is with her expression?? Just like •_• With a nose. A pointy freaking nose.

Wow, so much hate. Feels like I'm back at 4chan and Youtube. Anyway, I like it, no matter what most of the reveiws say. Though I'll give you a 4 for the changing art style, you'll find your niche sometime.

it good

why is everyone being so rude. it's better than anything i could make.


i think you're actually getting worse man :-/

Oh boy another Hiryugouki masterpiece!

I can't wait to review this pathetic piece of shit, but first I'll tear apart that list you left on my user page.

Hiryugouki wrote:

"About the censorship: They're trying to broaden their audience, and yes, while artistic nudes and things like that are allowed, no pornographic material is allowed. DeviantART is more awesome than Newgrounds for several reasons:
1) Colleges sometimes go there, and see potential students to recruit.
2) The community is friendlier and more open to criticism.
3) The art quality is more diverse than on Newgrounds.
4) They still allow flash movies and flash games.
5) There are not as many flamers.
6) It's open to all skill levels, ages, etc.
7) Newgrounds IS full of flamers, trolls, etc.
Overall, DA beats Newgrounds by a ton. So, suck on that for a while and come back to me with how Newgrounds could POTENTIALLY beat DA."

1). What the fuck you spouting boy? Colleges don't matter only pretentious cads think an education in art is required to be a good artist. You know what is important to good artists?

Jobs, "nitrome", "fox entertainment", as well as other serious companies have scouted and hired people from newgrounds to work on their projects, why the fuck do you think cartoon network pays someone to run a newgrounds account?

2). That's a fucking joke especially coming from you, since you deleted all the criticism you received on your deviant art page, and deleted the comment I left on your user page like a flaming faggot.

3). Again what the hell are you talking about? Newgrounds has very limited censorship so artist idea's are able to be expressed more freely, as well as an audio portal.

Not to mention the upcoming literature, video portal, and unity support, so we have way more artistic mediums covered than deviantart.

4). ? moot point.

5). The community deletes all criticism, so that too is a moot point, since constructive criticism and non constructive criticism are both deleted in tandem regardless of merit by some asshurt queers.

6). Newgrounds is open to all skill levels too, we just have a judgment system to filter out shit that noone wants to see (obviously it doesn't work very well since your here).

Regarding age restrictions, while newgounds does have restrictions on how old you need to be to participate in the community (which is a minimum age of 13). Deviant art is worse on this front, in fact here is the text verbatim from Deviantarts "terms of service":

"Section II: Additional Terms

13. Registration
To register as a member of the Service or purchase products, you must be 18 years or lawfully permitted to enter into and form contracts under applicable law. In no event may minors submit Content to the Service."

You fucking retard.

7). Or it could be Deviantart is full of people who can't take criticism?

Anyway I'm gonna review that god awful abomination you drew above now.

The proportions are wrong, the pose is lame, I have no idea what's going with the background. Furthermore you claim to have wanted to create a narcissistic character so you would have "freedom with their expressions", then why does she have the same fucking spastic expression you give to each one of your characters?

I fail to see how this is a departure from the rest of that weeboo anime shit you've put up here.

Whatever don't worry I wont review your shit anymore, it's not doing you any good, and it's obvious you would prefer a circle jerk from other "ass to mouth" butt pirates.

I voted this piece fairly, I gave it a 3 despite you're arrogance, audacity, and ego.
If I were to allow your personality to influence your score, I would have given this a zero, and transcended the laws of space and time to travel through my computer screen to yours in order to give you a good hard backhand slap.

Good god I hope you aren't really twenty, if you are get off the basement computer cause you owe your mom rent money...

With love :)
~ Celx

DragonPunch responds:

Yes, I realize I am an arrogant pig sometimes, and thanks for your review. Still, I'm not posting anymore art here for a while. I'm taking a break...

Credits & Info

2.07 / 5.00

May 3, 2011
9:35 PM EDT
File Info
869 x 1060 px
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