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Morrigan Aensland


Well, It's finally finished! I know it has some issues, but I'm happy overall with the result. I need to master the shoulders, though...Damn things kept looking wrong! Oh, and please pardon the half-assed font...I couldn't draw a decent background to save my life...Sorry for that. :(

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2 stars? This piece is great! I love Morrigan and this picture is cute as hell. I personally think its

Decent art piece

Ok well to start off this review, this was not a perfect piece, it was interesting and could be even better then it already is, I think for the mostpart this was a unique and interesting piece of art, so thruout the review i hope you will find some fun and possitive ideas. I think my first idea should be that you should change out the "BACKROUND" color or put some design back there because theres alot of black edges on the character like wings and what not that it blends too much into the backround, so a differant color might change that abit, also the "FONT" could be much better the rainbow one in lower left and the one in the backround, maybe something more fancy next time, and with more depth. The drawing is decent nice lighting and some good color tones the whole character is great, its just the backround that effects and blended in too much with the character. I got a good feel with this art piece, it was interesting yet it could use a few improvments as stated already, but overall i thought this was actually a pretty good piece, so keep up the decent artwork here.

And my ending notes are that this was decent but still could use a few changes here and there so here are a few ideas and hope they help if not on this piece then on a future piece, just some good possitive advice for better impovments. So the backround needs change not to blend with actual character, so make the backround a differant color. The fonts or texts could be differant as explained before, Anyways nice effort hope to see some upgrades soon.

DragonPunch responds:

I appreciate your feedback! I look forward to hearing from you again soon! :)

hey hiryu, do you know any lolcows on NG?

you're still improving but try taking my suggestion from a while ago more seriously, because I'm still not really seeing it yanno? by that try getting out of your rut by purposefully forcing yourself to do a drawing of ANYTHING but a perfectly flat composition+no foreshortening etc combo? I'm not an art professional so I might not be coming off clearly but honestly all your pin ups have roughly the 100% same pose in same composition, kinda stiff and boring? 3.5 stars for the actual effort but 1.5 off because still no real signs of 'forcing yourself' to get out of this horrid habit...sorry man, but tis the truth! (if you want actual helpful things, take figure drawing classes or try this site pixelovely dot com, tip for the latter: DON'T rely on the 'pause' button to take your time. trust me.....)

keep the perseverance up. please.

DragonPunch responds:

Thank you for your feedback! I'll be sure to practice some foreshortening and depth sometime soon. Right now, I'm working on another pin-up, and it's one I'm rather proud of, too! Look forward to hearing from you soon!

"shadowblade,shadowblade,soulfist, it was a total ko"

DragonPunch responds:

"What are you looking at? No seriously...What's going on?"
"You want to get a lipstick that's a shade darker than your lip, so you make a kissy face."

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4.26 / 5.00

May 31, 2012
11:43 AM EDT
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