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Thought I would do something a little different this time...ADD A BACKGROUND!!!
If there is anything that can be done to improve this piece, let me know IMMEDIATELY! Like I keep saying, DO NOT FAVE AND RUN!!!

I don't feel too good about the ocean, though...If anyone has any suggestions or tutorials for me, that would greatly be appreciated! I tried using my Goggle-fu to look for ocean surfaces done in photoshop, but erm...Well, you get the idea...

Anyways, the character in question is actually the protagonist of Calamity. Figured I might as well start drawing some more things in regards to the game, since it is something I'll be making in the future. She works as a model to pay her rent and to take care of her 8 year old sister, since her mother passed away. She is 18 years old, loving, and caring, but has a short fuse at times. She has a long-time girlfriend named Leah. She is a half-demon (sounds Mary Sue-ish...Damn...I should really change that), however, her powers only come out when she is fighting, and since she hates fighting...Well...Let's just say her demon side only comes out when she feels threatened. Over the course of Jillian's story, she learns to control her other self at will, switching between her two forms. I'll have to draw her in her other form soon.


like it :D

Looking at this I see the sky seems quite realistic thanks to how you drew the clouds. The rock makes me think someone got there before she ever did and painted it a bit.

The rock itself seems to look rather nice and with Jillian as well I like how they both have shades of color showing the light is hitting them from an angle rather than directly above as some other art pieces would do.

The heels, bra, and panties all make for a minimalistic and nice looking outfit on her at the beach. Her power kind of reminds me of Raven from the Teen Titans who has to keep control of her powers since they are powered by emotion. Jillian's power sounds slightly the same only it seems to be triggered by fear or rage during a battle.

Her facial expression seems to show that despite being a half demon she remains fairly nice towards other people.

Overall, background looks great, Jillian looks great. Best of luck with Calamity.

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DragonPunch responds:

Thank you! You have no idea how good that feels...

A nice young lady sitting on a rock in the ocean. I wonder how she got there? The shoes she's wearing don't look like she could go rock climbing with them, heh.

Anyway, I like the clouds in the background. They look very realistic. Maybe it's because they are in fact real? It's hard to tell, and that's what I like. Nothing worse if you add a real picture to a drawing and then anybody can tell instantly that it is a real picture... anyway, the rest of the background is a bit lacking. I would like it better if we could see an island or maybe a beach in the background. This would also explain how the nice young lady could reach the rock with those shoes. ;)

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DragonPunch responds:

Well, you do have a point...Perhaps some time in the future, I can work on another character in the same setting.

Good, but needs a lot more on the background...

Right, the best thing that I can advise here is to spend time creating your own background. This looks like you putting the character onto a photoshopped scene, including the rock itself here. That either means a great level of detail in your drawing of the rock, or just that you've not reduced the quality enough from you tracing or similar. The clouds look like a photograph and the effect of having them next to a cartoon looks poor, if I'm honest. Try something other than just an Ocean / Sky background. Have you considered adding something like beach in the foreground, for instance?

Turning to the character herself, you've done a decent job there, with the feminine curves, the smile, the red hair and the horns. Applying a subtle cheat, by covering the feet in shoes and hiding the hands behind the hair and rock was a nice way of getting out of potentially "tricky " detail situations, but we'll let it slide. The pose was decent, but no-one sits down perfectly, so a little detail, where the underside of her right thigh gets pushed in by the top of her left, as they cross over would be nice, as would be the attention to where the shading should be. Looking at various other shadows, I would say somewhere around the top-left of shot, therefore more of a shadow should be cast by the upper leg.

Attention to detail is what will get you more stars, so keep working on it.

Finally, your signature is a little colourful to blend in to the piece, particularly with the shading as it is. Perhaps consider layering it on top of the piece in post-production, as opposed to putting it on the rock itself, as you have. If you're going to leave it on the rocks, perhaps change the colour and don't shade it so much...

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DragonPunch responds:

That sounds like sound advice my good friend! Thank you for your feedback, and the three and a half stars was well-deserved. Thank you. :)

Not bad at all (forgive me if this review is kind of short, I'm not that good at writing art reviews and I try my best to stretch things out a bit). I haven't gotten a chance to look at some of your previous pieces of work, so I don't really know the quality that you're dishing out with this one. In fact, the only thing I know is that apparently this is one of your first ones with a background actually in it.

So, here's what I've got to say: her body looks distorted. The way that the character's back arches compared to her bottom is kind of awry. Not to mention, just hiding the front half of her torso behind her leg is just kind of strange and I can't really tell if it is being cut off at a slant or if it just a slight case of anorexia. With the background that you provided, though, it looks good; I'll say that about it. The clouds actually look properly the right about of faded and poofy all-together. The ocean, however, looks....strange. When it goes over the horizon, it looks just plain cut-off. It didn't seem to fit in along with your nice sky in the back.

There's just one thing else that bothers the heck out of me: there are two different styles of artwork (or so it seems) that you used for the background and the girl. As you gave the woman a more cartoonish texture, you gave the background and its objects more of a realistic tone rather than the same cartoon type style. However, I'm looking forward to your future work and see how this character develops.

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DragonPunch responds:

Well, I use cartoon style proportions, so please excuse her body looking a little off. I actually drew the lines for her body, and I thought they measured up quite accurately, by what I saw. I double-checked, no TRIPLE checked it was correct. I even referenced a figure book I had, and it looked right for the pose. I'm just using cartoon/anime style proportions, so again, sorry it looks off. I'll try and make the pose less awkward-looking. This IS the first time I drew this pose, so yeah...You get the idea. I do appreciate the feedback, and thanks for bringing that issue up; I'll definitely look into that next time I draw this pose some time into the future. For now, look forward to even more scandalous pictures of Jillian. Till then, peace out! :)

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