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Something I made that was a complete pain in the ass to do. Seriously; it took several tries to get this one right.


Very, very few spiral galaxies have that many arms.

This I like. It's pretty. Not over doing the colors, subtle stars in the background. Lighting seems ok. Stuff like this shows you have talent. I really wish you would tap into this side of your art skills more. This shows you have great potential. But you insist on that Brats/Skullgirls/anime "Project" and it really drags you down. If you just shelved that dream project, just for a little while mind you, and explored your potential (and I don't mean "cartoons" because news flash Anime/manga is cartoons) You would in fact become good, maybe even great. Then you could comeback to your project and share the wonders you have locked up in that brain of yours. Sadly I think you'll just inhibit yourself being mediocre. Which is sad really, because this proves you have the potential. You just choose to ignore it.

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DragonPunch responds:

I don't want to pursue realism. I like drawing cartoons. It's something I enjoy, and as time goes by, I assure you I WILL get better at drawing them.

It looks very nice, and hey I found this tutorial that looks awfully familiar, did you create this tutorial?



DragonPunch responds:

It wasn't that one.

I am not an artist nor could i do something better than this but i know 1 thing about art, that is that i know nothing but there is one thing i know and that is what i like

Before the illustration i would like to ask about the name i mean, galaxy in space (post nicolas cage you don't say pic) YOU DON'T SAY?

About the pic, i see it is handcrafted in every detail and lots of effort has been spent but i don't think shaky lines really do it good i would prefer slightly realistic approach. I think if you made the lines that are close to galactic core changing color slightly instead of going purple all of a sudden i mean, did the aliens declare purple as color of the current fashion? I also think red would go better instead of purple but hey, i think everything goes better with red, that is why we are full of red!

On overall i think it is good but i think you spent too much effort on drawing instead of feeling, i always considered art to be a reflection of the soul but when you try to put it in shackles such as rules, techinques then i think that is no longer art but imitaiton of science.

DragonPunch responds:

Actually, this was done using Photoshop. I used a bunch of effects and layering to try and create a thick galaxy.


DragonPunch responds:


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Aug 14, 2012
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