Italian Paper Mola


This was made by taking 7 layers of paper, paper clipping them together, and then cutting out shapes with a knife.

It's actually almost an exact carbon copy of an original Italian piece of art that I slightly added things to and removed to make my own.

I know it's not really exciting or my best piece of art at all, but it was a lot of fun to make and I had never thought of doing something like this before so it's a bit creative as well.

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lol... Or not??

I kind of liked it Fro, it was pretty creative and it has nice colors, it's very hard to make a nice thing like this only with paper, I completely hate doing those things, (I don't know if it's because I only like to draw things or what, but...) but it seems you like making this kind of art...

I liked the concept, I tought it's pretty original and funny, the face looks very nice, and the shapes are well done, the eye was very good, it gave me a nice impression, almost hypnotizing, it seems like sunglasses, what is pretty cool... Also, the mouth is very funny, it has a kind of messy expression, it's a really original piece, congrats Fro!!

I liked it, but it's not your best work, you have potential to make better things, man, keep it up, I wanna see more drawings!! :3

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Fro responds:

I think I'm done with art after a few more projects for class

Start with a circle ;)

The main missing piece here is the fact that the face looks misshapen. If you'd have gone for a perfectly circular backing, I think that there would have been more conventional acceptance of it.

With this in mind, I think that you need to look at that, but the rest of the drawing is pretty good. The limited colour scheme really shines through and you can certainly give us a good set of shapes that symbolise more than a face. Warpaint, ambivalence, surprise are all words that I pretty much randomly think of when I see that visage.

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Fro responds:


It's not really a drawing. More of a craft project since the only tool I used was a knife. Yeah, the circle wasn't too great and it's probably something I could improve on.

Looks nice

Looks very simple, but I bet it's not that easy to create, since paper "doesn't forgive". One wrong cut and the cut stays there, you can only try to hide it, but you cannot undo it.

I quite like this piece, especially the mouth looks really cool.

The lines on his face (the war paint, I guess) would look better if the lines where attached better to the face, though; right now they stick out a bit. Maybe some glue could handle this (don't know if you can use glue with that kind of work, though).

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Fro responds:

Yeah, I noticed that too. I think I'll glue that and update it later on along with some other things people suggested


Now this one i give a higher score because of the creativness of it all, i like the colors most of all even if it was just paper but you went and made something differant and unique, kinda reminds me of an old egyption mask of some sort, anyways keep up the good work

this might have been better maybe with some horns and feathers to really give it that wild feel


Fro responds:

I love the detail idea. After I get it back from my professor!

Old school style

I'm a big fan of this kind of style. Though it looks simple, it has a purpose and I like that. Maybe add tone with pencil to emphasise on facial features, and in turn bring out more emotion? Not really a must, but that's what came to my head.

Anwar Louis ^_^
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Fro responds:

I like your ideas. I'll check out how it looks after I get the assignment back from my teacher. :)

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Apr 6, 2010
10:34 AM EDT
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