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Capture the Moment


Woah, this took a really long time and it was a lot of work. Some story behind it, but I'll allow you to think of what it could mean by yourself. Make it your own. :)

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I like it

this does look like it took some time, but also shows some good effort on your part, i like the design on the desk and the camera is pretty neat itself i like the light effect you have there, the wall seemed abit bland seems like there should be more stuff on there, anyways good stuff here

Add more stuff on the wall, and maybe give the desk a more roundish design style kinda thing


Fro responds:

Ok, it should be busier. I agree.


I really like the lightening in this picture. The only source of light seems to be the flash of the camera here, which creates an interesting effect.

I also like the little details like the newspapers (but I can't make out the second headline... the first one reads "Hurricane leaves family missing").

It's also nice that the camera brand is "FroNick" (I wouldn't have noticed it if Coop hadn't mentioned it in his review).

Maybe the grain of the table is a little bit too parallel, at first I thought there was something wrong with the picture. A few more curved lines would look better here, I think.

{ Review Request Club }

Fro responds:



Score: 5 / 10
I like this piece! Yeah! I really do!

Seriously, I do. I like it, because the blue in the back and the color of the table are calm and soothing, whilst the news clip in the back make it a little disturbing. I'm guessing it's a journalist's workplace or something. Or someone with a missing family.

The perspective is a little off, and the camera does look slightly weird, but other than that, i can't find many flaws. Seeing as it seems like there's a light shining directly on the lens, the shadow should probably be on the other side of the camera. I do like the effect on the lens.

-=Review Request Club=-

Fro responds:

Score: 5 / 10?

But you give me an 8?

Hurricane leaves family missing?

A foreboding piece, this has a lot of deep meaning for not very much detail. I can see that the detail that is there is very noticeable - the headline on the paper, the camera make being FroNick, giving you a lovely subtlety to keep the viewer very interested.

A few issues with perspective - the corner turning at the top and front edge of the table seem to blend together a little too much. I love the lighting effects and the crackles over the lens, but here we are with the most difficult part of the image and perspective on the zoom lens being a little out.

Perhaps a little work on shading, with the distinct lack of shadows from the table legs and the shadow on the wrong side of the camera - it needed to be behind, if the lightning has just lit the room up ;)

[Review Request Club]

Fro responds:

I'm happy you noticed the FroNick :)

One of the better pictures I've seen.

Nice job on this, it's one of your best, and it's clear that you worked hard on it.

The colour scheme is nice, and everything looks well together. The colours of the wall and of the camera are great, but I think the colours on the table were a tad too much on the bright side, IMO.

The texture was the only real thing that bothered me over here. The texture of the table look pretty strange and unreal, and the bright light inside the camera looks like a baseball, which is really strange. The texture of the wall was a little simple, and although the shading was excellent, you could make the wall have some cracks or uneven parts. Maybe some water damage at the top, too.

The details in this picture are OK, and I liked how you added the newspapers to the wall, but still made it look like the camera is the main attraction of the picture. As Insanimaton said, though, the camera doesn't look like it's touching the table. Other than that, the details in the picture are fine. Oh, and here's where I be a fussy critic; there's a sort of cyan small line at the bottom, a little to the right, which contrasts a little and looks strange :P.

I don't usually see pictures as good as this on the Art Portal (maybe that's because I rarely check, but whatever), and I quite liked this one. Just some issues with the texture, but apart from that, quite a good picture ^^.

-Review Request Club-

Fro responds:

I should have cropped it a bit better. I don't see the baseball thing though. You are the second one to see it. It's like I'm looking at a different picture than everyone else. O.o

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4.40 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2009
1:24 AM EDT
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464 x 338 px
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