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Good Grief


Yet another drawing for my Children's Lit class. I didn't do very good, but I think I did a decent job when trying to capture the Peanuts style of drawing.

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Nice work

I like this one aswell, the coloring is alright but might look better in some photoshop maybe if you added some effects with photoshop it would have a nice mixture of the two, anyways another good piece here i really liked

Like i explained above, some photoshop or paintshop pro effects would really help on this mainly for some effects


Fro responds:

Yeah, I did this for an assignment and I would like to revisit it sometime and really improve it.

Pretty good

I can definitely tell it's Charlie Brown.

There are a few problems:

1) The color of skin and clothes kind of blend in. But this might just be the fact that Crayons can be a bit hard to color with at times lol

2) The background is a little overly simple. It's hard to tell the difference between the floor.

3) Shoes look a little funny. Though i know how hard shoes can be.

I can tell there was some obvious effort put forth into the making of this picture, so it was a good try anyways. =3

-Review Request Club

Fro responds:

1) Yeah, I wish I had colored pencils. The scanner really messed it up though and the original is more obvious that they are different colors.

2) Read a Peanuts cartoon and you'll realize this is as complicated as the backgrounds get.

3) Lol, my bad.



Haha, I love the "WTF" expression on Charlie's face. You signature on the bottom left adds to the humor for some reason. The downsides of this piece are that Charlie's head looks a little too sloppy, and his body just looks a tad lazy. The overall presentation is good though. You captured the Peanuts atmosphere, but still have a few ways to go.
Good job!

~ Review Request Club ~

Fro responds:

For the 2nd time it's not my signature.

It's a good start

I think that you've certainly gone a good way to capturing the essence of Charles Schulz' Peanuts Cartoons. The facial expression of Charley Brown is a great image and shows that you've really studied this well.

I think that you could have done a little more with regards to the shape of Charley Brown's face and smoothed out some of the lines - these things come with practice, so they will start to look better after a while. I'd concentrate on the difficult parts, like the collar and places like where the legs join the socks. Paying attention to detail is a great thing here and doing something to the background wouldn't hurt.

I think with the background, you can get away with using a straight edge, as I'm sure that Schulz himself would have. Get that sorted, then do something about the colours - a more vibrant yellow, a more imposing black and making sure that you stay within the lines - there's the one piece over the left shoe that looks a little weird and out of place.

Taking those pieces in your stride, I'm sure you can make good progress.

[Review Request Club]

Fro responds:

I didn't even think of using a straight edge. If I were to do this again I think it would be better to color on the computer because crayons just don't cut it lol.


The drawing is pretty rough. For example the right arm could have been worked out a bit better (right now it looks as if Charlie has only a stump), but I really like the facial expression. The face was what made me think "wow, looks good" on first glance, I think.

However, on second and third glance there are a few flaws here and there. I already brought up the right arm, but there are more things. For example the background could have been worked out a bit more. Some trees or bushes would look much better.

Also it looks as if the head should be moved a bit more to the right side of the picture. Or maybe that's because the lines of Charlies jaw aren't exactly symmetric. On the left side (or Charlies right side) there is a little bulge that we can't see on the other side. I guess that's because it looks as if the head isn't really centered on the neck.

{ Review Request Club }

Fro responds:

Not only did the scanner screw this up, but it could have been better in so many ways. I might revisit it some day.

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Nov 9, 2009
11:57 PM EST
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487 x 500 px
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