My only 12 inch


A shoe that I did in art class. I've done more on it since this picture and I'll update it when I get it back from my professor.

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Notbad on this one, its actually a pretty good drawing / sketch, this might look nicer if it had some color maybe the "S" would be a red or something kinda makes it standout abit more but i believe this may be your best drawing yet i do like it so hope you make more for us soon

Add some color like the s, anyways keep up the good work


Fro responds:

I was thinking about adding a background, color, and a leg to it in the future. I'll update it sometime. Thanks!

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Id say that the most detailed part of this is the stitching on the shoe. The realism you put into those areas are amazing, and the different darkness and great use of shading helped to make the shoe 3D-ish.

The lace was also pretty well done, as was the sole of the shoe, with variable shading incorporated into the thickness to help the realism to increase. The one thing id comment on was the foot hole, as this lacked shading and as such gained an almost 2D look which didnt mix in well with the rest of the pic.

As for the rest, its pretty much brilliant. I cant wait to see it when its finished.

=Review Request Club=

Fro responds:


Review Request Club

I think like most have said, the detailing in this really is the strongest point. Especially when you look at the bigger picture and you see the meticulousness of the stitching and the shading on the panels...I wished there was a little more shading, but seeing that you've said you've done more work on it, I'm guessing there'll be even more detail and realism to come as and when your professor hands it back. Especially I think there needed to have been more shading around the lining of the foot-hole itself, as it does get a little two-dimensional-looking, there.

Like I said, there's parts that I feel like commenting on, such as a lack of shading at the top, maybe the need for a little more detail at the sole of the shoe, a bit more emphasis on the dimension, but I keep remembering that this is something of a past incarnation of something that has since been improved, so I look at all these things and imagine you having already fixed them? if that makes sense, ahaha xD. But even as it stands, you can really see the sheer amount of work and effort that's gone into this, and the amount of detail present already for something that has been worked on even more so since is definitely a strong point. As it stands, I think there is room for improvement, but knowing it's already been improved, I'd just say be sure to post the finished product up on NG once you get it handed back to you! Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

Fro responds:

Thanks, I think you'll see the improved one shows what you are talking about. :)

Ah God.

Fro, man, the drawing is simply great, you made a perfect shoe, congratulations, dude, this is one of your best work...

I really liked the details you put into it, the shoelaces are great, the stripes are very realistic, and the shading is awesome, too, the drawing was very nice, I liked the pencil color, it seems to be perfect to this kind of drawing, the black is great, the color passed me a realistic impression.

I just think that the lower part of the shoe is a bit sloppy, it seems a bit strange, since it doesn't have a ground, so, it seems to be floating, what is very strange. But anyways, the drawing is awesome, I think you made a great thing with a pencil... Congrats!

Keep it up, man, I wanna see more from you, you have potential, Fro, keep on drawing (draw another Nick, lol)
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Fro responds:

Good idea. Since I've already have this finished perhaps I can add some sort of ground to it. (wasn't allowed to during the assingment)


This is really a great submission, a lot better than some of your others (maybe just as good or a little better than 'Capture the Moment'), and it's amazing how well-detailed and well-drawn you can make a shoe. Good job.

I can't say much about the colours since this doesn't have many, but I really liked how every different part of the shoe had a different shade, giving the shoe a fantastic amount of detail. The shading overall was great, although maybe you should've added more shading in the hole of the shoe as the people below me said. Texture was great.

The picture itself was extremely well drawn. The part where the 'S' is written was really well done, especially at the bottom left where it looked as if it was peeling off. My only real complaint would be that this: [http://www.mediafire.com/?mynmomzznuz] part for some reason looked a bit like the inside of the shoe instead of the outside, if you get what I mean.

In all, this is a really well drawn picture. Keep up the amazing work, and get scouted for sud's sake.
Recommended for Art Portal.

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Fro responds:


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Mar 15, 2010
10:58 PM EDT
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1125 x 682 px
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