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Newgrounds Wiki: Art Resources

Raster Based Art Software

Photopea - A free, web based tool that works very much like Photoshop.

Autodesk Sketchbook - Free tool for quick sketches or fully finished artwork!

FireAlpaca - Free digital painting software.

Clip Studio Paint - Popular among artists, CSP has a free trial and costs $49.99, with frequent sales.

Adobe Photoshop- Requires Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Photoshop may be all you ever need. You can paint, edit images, draw sprites and much more.

Gimp - Free alternative to Photoshop.

Krita - Free sketching and painting program for concept art, texture or matte painting, illustrations and comics.

Paint.NET - Free, open source paint program that @Wolod swears by.

Corel Painter - If you are hardcore into painting, Painter will give you some features Photoshop lacks ($399).

Art Rage - A good $25 alternative for making fine art pieces.

GraphicsGale - Free Pixel Art software.

Pyxel Edit - $9 pixel art editor designed to make it fun and easy to make tilesets, levels and animations.

Aseprite - $15 animated sprite editor and pixel tool.

Vector Based Art Software

Adobe Illustrator - $599, Free 30 Day Trial. ]Illustrator is preferred if you are drawing in vector format. You can import vector art originally generated in Flash, which is handy if you want to put something on a t-shirt.

Inkscape - Free and open source software vector graphics editor. Its goal is to implement full support for the Scalable Vector Graphics 1.1 standard.

Sumo Paint - Free browser based drawing program.

3D Art Software

Blender - Free, used in The Secret of Kells.

Maya - $3495 (Free Trial), used in Ice Age and James Cameron's Avatar.

3D Studio Max - $3495 (Free Trial), used in I-Robot and X-Men.

Modo - $995, used in District 9.

ZBrush - $595 (Free Trial), for modeling only, no animation. Good for intuitively painting on textures and color.

Mudbox - $745 (Free Trial), for modeling only, no animation. Good for intuitively painting on textures and color.

Swift3D - $249, allows you to create and/or animate 3D objects and export for Flash. We recommend creating your initial models with alternative software.

Other Art Software

Apophysis - A free 3-D fractal program that can also be used for animating dynamic fractals.

Drawing Tablets

We recommend Wacom tablets, the Intuos Draw is $80 and the best seller on Amazon for beginners, or the Cintiq if you are totally pro. There's a bunch in the middle, too.


Also see our Art Tutorials!

Special thanks to @Art101 for organizing a number of these software suggestions!