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Newgrounds Wiki: Game Dev Resources

Newgrounds began as a Flash community and the games were made with Flash. Times have changed and a majority of games are now HTML5, made with a variety of frameworks.

When you export a game in HTML5 format, you upload it as a .zip to Newgrounds. The root of your .zip will contain index.html - this is the file we load on our page.

HTML5 Game Development

Construct - A 2D game development tool that works in your browser! Games can be made with drag and drop logic or direct scripting. Export options include web, PC, mobile and Xbox One. Subscription-based. Example games. See the NG API Plugin.

Game Maker 2 - For a fee, you can export your Game Maker projects as HTML5. Game Maker can also export to PC, mobile and various consoles. Example games.

Unity 3D - A great tool for both 3D and 2D games, able to export to HTML5, PC, mobile and various consoles. The only downside is your HTML5 files will be more bloated than those created with Construct and Game Maker.

Here are the Unity tutorials that got @The-Swain going with Madness: Project Nexus.

Godot - Free, open source engine that is increasingly popular with 2D games in particular. Can export to HTML5.

Phaser - Free HTML5 game framework developed by @PhotonStorm. PsychoGoldfish has created some great tutorials, such as Getting Started with PhaserAnimating Sprites with Phaser as well as buttons and user input.

If you'd like an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), there is Phaser Editor!

HaxeFlixel - Flixel, remade with Haxe and able to export to SWF, HTML5, console, mobile and desktop. Cool stuff!

Pico 8 - A fantasy console for games made with constraints.

Stencyl - A 2D game development tool that requires no coding experience but also lets you access your code. Now experimenting with HTML5 exports! Examples.

GDevelop - An open-source, cross-platform game engine with a visual development environment.

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 - Event based game development similar to Construct and Stencyl. Has export options for SWF and HTML5, as well as other platforms.

Twine - Free tool for creating interactive, nonlinear stories.

Tyrano Builder - Free tool for creating visual novels.

Wick Editor - A free, web-based, open source tool for making animation and games. Wick is heavily inspired by Flash, so anyone with a Flash background will feel familiar with it. We've created NG API Widgets for medals and scoreboards in your games!

Helpful Tools

Ogmo Editor - Like DAME, Ogmo is a free level editor. It's now open source and gaining momentum! Could be the new favorite.

DAME Editor - Free general-purpose 2D visual level editor, making it easier to construct tile-based levels and spit out XML output for your games. Recommended by Flixel devs. Used in the development of Cat Astro Phi, for example.

LabChirp - A program for creating sound effects for games, music, videos - whatever you want!

Bfxr - A program for making sound effects for computer games.

We also have an entire section dedicated to Music and Audio resources, including royalty free music.

Community Discord Groups

Game Art Assets

If you need an artist for your game, you'd be surprised how many artists here on NG would be happy to partner with you! The important thing is you should have a viable engine demo before you approach anyone, to show you've taken initiative and have developed your abilities. If you aren't ready to reach out to anyone directly, you could instead make use of an asset pack!

Kenney Assets - A free art asset pack by @Kenney.

Historical Flash Resources

Adobe Animate, previously Flash - The original software to produce Flash content, created by Macromedia and later bought by Adobe.

OpenFL - Uses the Flash API, but goes everywhere that Flash Player cannot. Use a familiar workflow to accelerate development, and even leverage Adobe Animate as an integrated art pipeline.

Instead of the Flash IDE, the following frameworks work in tandem with the free Flash Develop IDE. They all have tutorials that will walk you through it. WARNING: SWF content will no longer work in web browsers after 2020 so it is recommended you develop your games using the tools above.

Flixel - Developed by @AdamAtomic, the Flixel framework allows you to make amazing 2D games in less time than with Flash. Check out these examples

FlashPunk - Developed by ChevyRay, FlashPunk is an alternative to Flixel. It all comes down to personal preference. Check out these examples.