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Newgrounds Wiki: Flash API

Newgrounds Flash API

These pages are a work in progress.

The Newgrounds Flash API is a set of tools that let developers earn revenue, protect their work, and integrate their games with the Newgrounds community.

The API has lots of cool features, including:

  • Flash ads, to earn revenue from your game or movie
  • Site-locking, to control where your game is played
  • Version control, to forward users to the newest version of your game
  • Medals, for players to earn with their Newgrounds account
  • Scoreboards, for players to compete for a top spot
  • Save files, to store game data to a Newgrounds account
  • File sharing, to let users share their content with others


The latest API packages are available in the API Tools section of a project in your Projects page.


The following tutorials are designed for beginners and will help you to quickly use the Newgrounds API in your project.


Version 3 of our API supports HTML5!


Version 3 of our API supports Unity!

Stencyl Implementation

Stencyl users can also use our API!

Construct 2 Implementation

There's also an NG API plugin for Construct 2!

Game Maker Implementation

There's also an NG API extension for Game Maker!