Reviews for "Four Fucking Chords"


your a legend lol u can use this on an advert or something lol ur could be famous!

fucking insane

u are fucking amzing cud tell me the lyrics because i want to make a rock version plz then i will send that to you thanx. keep it up you fucking insane rocker

Gunshy responds:

i myself intend to make a "rock" version of this song, but i'd like to hear yours too!
i just haven't figured out all the guitar arrangements yet, since i want the full band version to do a little more than just repeat the chords over and over and over again. some changes and breakdowns and stuff will make it more dynamic than this version, that's for sure.


My all time fav on newgrounds, hands down.

Omg wow!

I love your songs now! Just mind blowing! You need to get signed man!

The Work Of A Genius!

The best thing i've heard on newgrounds so far! Perfect voice for this style of music and i can't see a thing wrong with this. It's got anger, four fucking chords and swearing. what more do i want?