Reviews for "Four Fucking Chords"


This song really..like idk...i feel funny. Gratz!!!

Gunshy responds:


You've got a talent for lyrics...

...and I mean that genuinely.

Gunshy responds:

thanks, genuinely.

dude you rock

man if you made a cd i would go buy it.

Gunshy responds:

is it safe?

for download and ACTUAL CD, too! lol
it's this version of '4 chords' but better sound quality. all the other songs are in the highest possible sound quality, and all art and liner notes and junk is by me! yay.

pretty nice

except for the vocals, it kinda reminds me of radio head. i do like this. id jam it if i had the track


Not enough can be said about this song.

The gutair is full of emotion, simple, but enough to pull you deep into the music,never letting you go, you just sit there and listen again and again.

The vocals blow you away, no matter what. The simplicity, and the pure awesomeness of Gunshy's voice combine to make an amazing vocal track, and an amazing song as a whole