Reviews for "Four Fucking Chords"

Nice work here

Love the "GUITAR" sound you got going on in here, the voice or vocals are actually notbad, seems like you could really fine tune it into some top quality stuff, a good piece here if you ask me, keep up the great work I look forward to even more.

Maybe have the Vocals stand out more with more louder them on the vocals.


UGH if only the download button was properly working... ;_;

I`m new to NG, registered like a week ago, but man this is THE best song i have heard so far.
Lyrics are good and with meaning( i think songs are more interesting with meaningfull lyrics).
And i liked guitar too, doesn`t matter how many chords are in song.

Gunshy responds:


This is one of my favorite songs of yours! Your lyrics are quite deep as well, you're an inspiration of mine when it comes to songwriting. And your voice in this, is just...I'm at a loss for words. Amazing is an understatement, sir. Keep it up!

Gunshy responds:

Thank you so much! :)))

Love it, reminds me of Neil Young.

Gunshy responds:

One of my idols! :)