Reviews for "Four Fucking Chords"

Acoustic geetar =)

wow man, i've listened to this sound countless times now, and the song is very catchy. although im curious what are the 4 chords? heh, or at least do u have tab for this? Great song man, good job =P

-Mugle Apporved-

Great other than the chorus.

Theres alot of really strong, clever lines going on in there and then you just kind of left the chorus hanging.

My favorite

This is definitely one of the best (if not the best) song i've heard here. you've balanced the anger and acoustic perfectly.

Gunshy responds:

acoustic anger! lol. thnx for the review.


i love this song

outstanding work

ha man this is you of best songs i'v herd in my life

p.s my bruther is working with a perdoser and if you wont i can show him your work :) right me if so