Reviews for "HTF Easter Smoochie"

Where have you gone?!

MondoMiniShows is one of the greatest flash animators of all time! I guess having a couple of their works here is better than nothing. As this is a site featuring games or interactive works, it's probably the most appropriate place to put it. It's just wonderful to see this gorgeous animation. It's amazing at how creative and ridiculous these deaths are. For the "Yummy" part, I thought he was just going to choke on the eggs.

You were far too creative for anything like that! It's amazing how much harm you can do to a Tamagotchi like character by just giving it eggs. Toothy should have realized from the bad smell that egg was going to be bad. At least that one was the least graphic death (if he even did die). While it isn't Easter, I wish you a good one!

lol so unexpected

im guessing he didnt chew


Oh! I get it! They die because they're stupid!

you never can.

most of toothys deaths involve candy,my favorite being the eye candy.
anways,i love theese mini games.and i love happytreefreinds.
its weird,some episodes are rated tv.y XD
but thats probally a messup.besides,its from youtube =;3


Yummy was the best XD