Reviews for "HTF Easter Smoochie"

SUPER COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

This one is just as good as the Summertime one. The creator of this stuff needs to make more. It got my seal (or beaver) of approval. (I need to stop with these things)


Oh yeah! Just as funny as all the others. You da man!

uve opened my eyes...........

ill never look at another easter egg again from now on i take the shells off first.

but as for the movie, great. great sound. great anamtion great drawing great fatalities great everything. it was fully animated every motion was sincronised perfectly it moved smoothly and moved just like real people would . and u did a great job showing expressions


that was AWESOME! Thats one of my favorites in the HTF series


WHOA.. that was word.... haha cool though.