Reviews for "HTF Easter Smoochie"


ive never put 10's across the board but i love happytreefriends. found you guys at http://web.dkm.cz/koplih/htf/htf.htm

keep this site add free!

Happy Tree Friends...what a hoot!

Happy Tree Friends and the Smoochies own, and that's the bottom line.

Keep up the excellent work.

i love your work

great job, these smoochies always give me a good laugh. Keep up the great work man.

Loved it

Great animation. Very creative, if not a bit dusturbing, manners of death. I liked the alienesque chicks-pop-out-of-his-chest death.

I have to send this to people next easter.
It could use a few more options. . . is there a graduation edition? THAT would be slick.


Well put together. Add more options!