Reviews for "HTF Easter Smoochie"

does your site have......

Ones where lumpy gets chopped in half by Jason or something like that? or freddy being in them doing everything he can from his sick little mind and torturing and killing these disgustingly cute creatures? Also other things that my " i wonder what would happen if i do this" mind would like to see. ^_^ thanks.


this is a great submission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know,

I didn't like this one that much. I mean, this one seemed toned down. I like it when total dismemberment takes place, blood and guts everywhere... I don't care too much for just their eyeballs to pop out... Great Job, though. :)


Happy Tree Friends is the best!!!!!!!!!


Just like the valentine day!!
So coool!!
The animation is soooo great and the graphics too!!
I like the 'Yummy' the most!