I have no words

other than...i love this.
Watercolors hold a special place in my heart but this one painting is especially lively.

dreamzmighty responds:

Thank you very much! This one was fun to make. Mostly because it's silly.And I'm still figuring out what colors to emphasize and which ones are okay to leave out. Haha.


I absolutely love love love this watercolor! I really like how you put so much details into everything!


Great use of water color, and a nice self portrait! The detail is astounding, but the only problem that i see is that your neck is a weird yellow.. but its not that much of a problem.

dreamzmighty responds:

Yeeaah. I planned on fixing it later when I tried to put in a background. I didn't think this would make front page, or else I would have.


The facial features are my fave, they look really great, especially the glasses, and eyes. The nose and mouth look difficult to pull off, but you nailed it, and you're a cutie pie lol. What I like best about this is that you chose a funny face instead of the standard, "serious-face" that's in all other portraits. Great job.

dreamzmighty responds:

Thank you! I hate the serious faces too. They're easier to draw, but not as fun to learn about. I'm pretty much my only model (I ONCE had another, but FFFF she KEPT MOVING long story) so to do the same face over and over... Well... I've done that enough times. So to try something different. I have another painting I never finished involving MANY faces (all with different facial expressions). But I don't think the public is ready for sh-it-.


Now take off your glasses, let your hair down, and say dirty things to me.