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Reviews for "8 Bit D&D"

8-bit? Really?

Y r u using the 8 bit graphics when they remade Final Fantasy for the psp like 4 years ago?

Funny, but I had worse experiences...

Great flash, but I had worse experiences with Dungeons and Dragons, I liked the video, it was very funny, but there have been more messed up ways to play D&D.

Just the a few weeks ago, I was playing D&D with a couple of friends and one of them needed arrows for his bow. So, he helped a guard catch a thief. The guard told him that his sister owned an archery shop. So he went with him to see his sister, the guard walked up to his sister and screamed, "HONEY, I'M HOME!!!" My friend was like, "This dungeon master must've been on crack or something."

Back to the review, I liked it. It was funny, and it's the truth, because games like D&D can get out of controll. I feel like D&D right now.

lol ^,..,^

"I wanna cast magic missile."
"why cast magic missle, there is nothing to attack."
"I'll attack... THE DARKNESS"

rofl, thats gr8

Quite memorable video

One of my first few videos on Newgrounds. Unluckily this is the only video on this account. Luckily I have been able to find other works from Cybermoon Studio. Unluckily it seems any more work from Cybermoon may never be seen again.


Still love this flash as much as the first day I saw it YEARS ago!