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Reviews for "8 Bit D&D"

The two reviews below me are nonsense. The voices are from a comedy sketch troupe called the Dead Alewives and all due credit was given. The ending of summoner for PS2 used the sketch, as did this flash, but neither are copies of each other. They are both only using the same sketch.

Hurr durr.

I agree with pro-found and i have that game its a secret at the end of the credits and he just took the vocies and made he own video this is crap

dude the voices, i know what its from! its from summoner for ps2. i got that game, i think the video in the game is better than ur rip off copy!!! funny u gave no credit to the summoner staff team witvh is kinda bogus of you!!

So Much Win

You make More of those please. please?


where are the Cheetos!? there right next to you