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Reviews for "8 Bit D&D"

pfft satanic?

oh yeah D&D is SOOOO Satanic. hell us D&Ders are so evil that we can cast magick missle at our priest and undress our grandmothers... WITH OUR MINDS!!!!! O.o lol funny vid.

DnD Satans game

thats fricjin hilarious , ive seen this so many times

Am I getting laid?

While you did not create the audio, it still remains as perhaps the funniest cartoon released in 2003. I love how serious these people sound and how ridiculous the one drunk guy sounds. It is a great tribute to 8-bit Theater, if that is what you were aiming for. I can totally see these sort of things happening in real life. It is one reason why I will probably never get into Dungeons and Dragons, not that I would even have enough friends to work on it. The sprite animation is also great with the talking.

Brings me back...

Wow, haven't heard/seen that in a long time. last time it was on a cd a few years ago and the old FF characters are perfect!

Hell id play with you guys

sounds like it would be fun to play with some D&D with you guys.