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Reviews for "8 Bit D&D"

Very good artistic interpretation of a classic

I loved the D&D audio clip (And actually it's not from Summoner, it's from the Dead Ale Wives, and Summoner took it from that, so SHUT THE HELL UP), and this is a very nice graphical representation of it.

Just like the old days...

This is an awsome movie. It reminds me of me and my friends when we all get together. One of them accualy tried to "Attack the darkness." Keep these films comming!


I really like this humor becouse it reminds me of my friends when we all are togather aweryone is speaking, no one is listening.
And that spell he cast in that film was just so funny when he wanted to cast the spell.
Keep up the good work.!.

Jolly Good Fun

This reminds me of the good old times of when i played D&D. You should make more flash toons like this. Keep up the good work.

Heh heh heh

That's hilarious because, well, thats what me and my friends sound and look like when we play D&D. Very accurate portrayal. Also, excellent voice acting. Loved every second of it. :)