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Reviews for "Softly I Sing"

Wow, amazing

you are an angel sent to earth ^_^
just a wonderful voice so peaceful and soul lifting

reminds me of that song from the Anistasia movie

"Once upon a December" i think it was..

great song ...im sleepy ZzZzZzZzZzZz....

Nice, excelent, beautiful

Even though short, it was still epically awesome. Nice lyrics and quite soothing.
Here are the lyrics if you guys need them: =)


Softly I sing, to you my king; I hope that you sleep so soundly; I am right here; don't wake my dear; sleep well and I'll comfort you quietly.


Dream of your land, the waves on the sand, your throne overgrown with wild flowers, dream of the light, casting shadows at night, gentle raindrops and silver showers,

More AHHHHHHHHHHH, and then the song ends

Continue your good work!

so beautiful song and voice

che bella.. crea una dolce leggera atmosfera..


Wow i love this. A great masterpiece.
Can you pm me the lyrics when you get the chance?