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Reviews for "Softly I Sing"


This is by far the most beautiful song I've heard in quite a while

Great work!


My favorite of all your songs, I listen to it very regularly and I find it amazing!


you must be an angel to sing this gracefully.

Best artist on newgrounds.

Finally found you! I remember listening to one of your songs back in -07-08 and I listened to it for like a straight week lol. Then it kind of faded away like all music does... Then I just a few days ago I remembered you, I was like who was that artist?!?! It was killing me! Now your number one on all time top scoring songs and I'm like wait! That's her! And I have to say you have made A LOT of songs since then! -good thing- Because your music is so beautiful and... Just brightens up my day lol. Finally I can follow your music from here on out! Keep doing what your doing and I look forward to much more beautiful/funny songs!!! :)


Even if this was redone as a instrumental it would still be beautiful....just a little less beautiful. And I agree with BlueCyanide sompletely. It is seriously getting harder and harder to find those with talent. ....So glad I played Alice is Dead ep 3.....
Anyways, you could make a album that would be amazing with ease. If you do make one, I'd actually buy it instead of just downloading it for free like I do with all of my music.

hania responds:

Funny you should say that... I've almost finished my album 'End of the World' :D