Reviews for "Softly I Sing"


Woah, this is nice. I couldn't get to sleep and so i got a funny idea. I went looking for lullabies on Newgrounds! Long story short, I'm glad I did. The only thing more surpising is finding out you actually sung it.

Well the most I can ask for are the lyrics. They are touching but I can't hear some.

One last thing, congrats on the marriage!


Any chance you could post the lyrics?


This is one of the nicest lullabies that i've heard in a while I used it so settle my nine month old son today and he fell asleep just after the song ended you have a very soothing voice I like this and all your other peices of music and I can't wait to hear more from you in the future ^_^

p.s thank you for posting this


I have been up up almost 19 hours and i can barely stay awake while i write this...

I love you
Your Work
your personality

Btw i saw you had music for your wedding are you married???

hania responds:

Yep, Married ;) *just over a month now ... eee!!
I'm happy you like my work. :) More is on its way!

Just perfect

IT works as a Lullaby. Used it to settle a relatives kid, when they were over. Awsome.