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Reviews for "FFVIII Boss Battle"

I gotta say...

Man, you ROCK! you have a talent for this stuff... and u use it well! keep goin!

nice! :D

It's very futuristic sounding! At first I was like...oh no where's the bass?! then it came in and I was happy! WTG :D


i love the guitar bit at 24 seconds what are the tabs for that?

XBrav responds:

I don't have the tabs for it, because it's all synthed guitars, which rely on the standard theory music sheet

hey xbrav

i have been listening to your stuff for while, really like your stuff. whenever im looking for a videogame song i like and cant find it--sure enough you have it :D, good job

Yeah! A well done battle song for FFVIII!

Enough said!