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Reviews for "FFVIII Boss Battle"

This is formidable..

Its better than the original, why dont u talk with square... lol! Its Just A Good Work
Keep the good work!

this is almost perfect except...

you kind of remixed it with a tecno trance during some of the parts

that's FF8 all right

it may have been years since i last heard it in the game, but hearing that was the exact picture in my mind. That was almost exactly the same (except where you changed a little bit around, like the low guitar pieces)

You Rock!

I've never played FFVIII but it sounded VERY good


My favorite FF Boss Theme, made even better, AND put on Newgrounds! I'm curious though.. How do you orchestrate these things!? Overall Listening Rate:Download

XBrav responds:

Ok, if you've ever used FL Studio, there's a thing called VSTi. They're a type of plugin. I got this orchestra one off of KaZaA.