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Reviews for "FFVIII Boss Battle"

Good Music

This is the BEST (underline A million times)Music I ever herd in the audio Portal of FF 8 boss music YET (underline Another million times)

A song that kiks ass whn ur getting your ass kikd

Oh soooo damn good! i jus had to look for music like this when i started playing this a few weeks by, im almost done too =D


JesterofFire this is ff8 boss battle music. Easy mistake but like he said you are god

Omg, oMg, omG

The first time I heard this the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. This is far and away the best FF7 boss battle music in the portal. You are a God.

Holy Crap!

Ya know, I am really obsessive and harsh on remixes like these, but this really takes the cake, I mean this could almost be in a FFVIII remake! :) I love it...it makes me happy ;)