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Reviews for "FFVIII Boss Battle"


last time i was playing this game was in summer,i was at the end of the second disk,but i didn't finish the game because my lil sis broke the game >_<

Pretty good but.....

I'm sorry to say this is the first time I've had to THINK [not say :)] it was just recorded and submitted. However, I will trust you that it was infact made by you. The only difference I found was the bass guitar in the middle after that long... whatever you call it.. heh, the origanal version of that part goes a little deeper on the guitar. Ummm, anyway, enough with the stolen crap, only need 2 improvments (IMPROVEMENTS?!?! That's a first!); 1. The Bass Guitar is a tad bit too loud in some parts, and 2, a little after the beggining, the song goes from like, Mezzo Piano to Forte all at once.

just perfect!!!!

i dont know what to say... THIS SHIT IS PERFECT!!! dude this song is amazing, perfect.....
Keep up the good work!!!


o sh1t that was really good dude but it sounded a little too much like the original


I'm not too big on the Audio Portal, but when I heard this in a Flash, I loved it. Great changes compared to the original and it's an underappreciated song in the game, I find, so you made a good choice. It's excellent! Well done!