Reviews for "virtuapikey"

fuckin hilarious

i live in the uk and i know exactly what these fucking stinky shitty knackers are like , its good that someone finaly took the piss out of there gypsy ways and beat the shit out of them , good job

Great Game

Like the Graphics
Like the Action
Like the Sounds
they were all great..........


Beat it in 3 tries!! Beat that!!

Good game But...

Everything was awesome besides you didnt know when they were going to punch which made it almost impossible to block.

one of the only 10s i gave so far

it reminded me of the time i took my girlfriend to one of them damn things and i spent 20 dollars and didnt even get what she wanted then i pulled out my jet li fighting skills and beat up every one there and then i just took that stupid animal my girlfriend wanted well it sort of happend like that well anyway good game man like punchout and i love that game and i like the story the comic thing was cool too