Reviews for "virtuapikey"

This is better than Iron Mike

I like this game alot, it's alot challenging... it still kicks ass.

ok game

pretty good, could use combos and such


To Easy Not Challenging enough

Fun and easy

It was pretty cool. A bit too easy to beat, but still fun anyway. And the whole pikey thing was pretty funny. Its like beating up the pikeys from that movie Snatch. Good job.

one of the only 10s i gave so far

it reminded me of the time i took my girlfriend to one of them damn things and i spent 20 dollars and didnt even get what she wanted then i pulled out my jet li fighting skills and beat up every one there and then i just took that stupid animal my girlfriend wanted well it sort of happend like that well anyway good game man like punchout and i love that game and i like the story the comic thing was cool too