Reviews for "EVA2 rei goes insane"

That needs some work

ok that squid thing really sucked badly big time i mean big but the rest was ok and eva is an awesome series idiot!

the EVA movies must have pissed you off, eh?

alright, End of Eva was kinda hard to understand at first, but really did you have to take your revenge by making a crap film like this?


what.... the hell.... was that?....

TENT responds:

Obvious you have not seen evangelion which is the reason most probably why you said that which I accept. But I don’t understand why you watched it if you didn’t know what it was paying out what is that point to that?

Pretty stupid...

I chuckled a bit but that was all. Still lame tho =P

TENT responds:

well thats your opinion

Fuckin A. man

Wow. you downloaded a bunch of rei pics (you get a 2 for graphics for at least laying off the hentai fanart) for laing off the hentai fanart tho), doodled googly faces on 'em and Kazaa'd the movie theme, and this is supposed to pass for funny? As Strong Bad (0Wnz j00) would say:

TENT responds:

well this is only my second pay out to evangelion and I thought it would not need much effort to pay it out I was incorect so I made a third evangelion pay out EVA 3 see profile