Reviews for "-Stride-"

Amazing. It really feels like a true adventure and should be put in an adventure game.

This is a great throwback to possibly one of my top 10 favourite songs ever from you: Time Machine. I love songs like these and I don't really see much of these on Newgrounds that aren't from you; although that could just be because I don't browse music 24/7 on here. Great song and very cheerful.

It's good to hear again the classic waterflame old-days music again ^^

You still have the touch that characterizes you, after so many years of listening your production.

Nice and keep going you newgrounds legend :D

That's another great piece from you :D Like I sad some time ago, I really love when you prefer melody over percussions because you can do really awesome things with them. I'd also like to hear again some good chiptunes in the style of Swing-Bit Brawl :D

Nice song! Keep it up <3