Reviews for "-Stride-"

The best choose for a city break :P <3

LOVE IT! I think it could be more fun if the dark parts had more energy though. It didn't feel as unique as I think it could have. Loved the song :D!!!

Ah! Forgot to review this earlier. I like the percussion at the beginning and the bright mood. By :25, the bouncy strings and warm pads mesh really well together to create a blissful and rich texture. I like the bassy elements at 1:24, too. The mastering is indeed quite clear here. It still sounds loud and well-balanced as usual, but the drums just sit really nicely in the mix this time. I also liked the mini-breakdown at 2:20 - that guitar is a fun addition to the texture there. The piano line at 3:25 is probably one of my favorite elements of the piece - the dark, frantic mood around there is really enjoyable. The progression here is super smooth, yet you weave together a complex mix of emotions throughout. The one part where I thought the shift in mood was a little sudden was 4:30. That said, the blissful melodies from 4:50 on constituted a really great strategy for tying the piece together (despite the huge amount of variation). The ending with the lounge vibes at 6:08 felt really jazzy. Overall great work! A lot of enjoyable easter eggs in the texture here. Probably my favorite track of yours since Hidden Path. Keep it up! ^_^

I love the mashup between old school music (reminds me of Fancy Pants) (MOST NOTABLY THE XYLOPHONE AND FLUTE!!!) and the background beats. it's like my childhood browser game adventures mashed into this 6 minute music.

Fantastic stuff. I was riding on a 4 but then near then end it just got so upbeat and awesome I needed to give it a 5! And I love that after all these years developing all this music you still have so much passion to put into these pieces that you offer the community here on NG...it's really amazing.