Reviews for "-Stride-"

Ooh, I'm so digging this. Great track in the first thirty seconds.

Pros: It's super happy. Even if it's at a slow 100, it feels so well balanced. You've got a balance between the speed, and the feeling. I like how it started out kind of quiet, and then grew from there. This is one style of music I was hoping to see again from you. I honestly preferred the classic Orchestral Techno style of your older stuff like Time Machine, and Glorious morning, so seeing this again is a really nice thing, especially as an avid fan of your music, even going as far as to analyze every single part like this. The mid point break in this added to the song so much. I like how it just goes quiet, and builds up again. This is such a great track, and I can't give you anymore appraisal, because I don't have anything else to give, but if I did, I probably would have used it up really quickly anyway.

Cons: I honestly couldn't see any major flaws with this. I think one thing I have to say is the song feels like it drags. While you kept it fresh by constantly changing the track, it still felt slightly repetitive to me. But, that doesn't change what my end rating will be.

Overall, my personal favorite of the year. I look forward to more. Maybe you'll outdo this ;) Anyway, solid 5/5 from me. Keep at it Chris!


Hey man, sounds great. Definitely refreshing to get another great piece outside of the more dubstep/chipset realm of things around here.

Many parts of this definitely give that sort of open world environment feel like this track is just one out of many great tracks.

Great job man, keep it up you legend <3

Waterflame responds:

Thank you! Thats nice to hear. I intend to 8))

I'm early, I guess. Haha.

I'm happy to hear that classic signature Waterflame sound again. It didn't take long for you to get your own sound, because even back around '05 you had that sound.
But I feel like now in 2018, you've really perfected it into what it potentially could become.

I feel like this leans more on the orchestral side of the spectrum. Going from a happy mood to a more serious mood, back into a more happy mood. It's the classic ABA structure, but the way you go about it is so typically ... "Waterflame".

I know that you used Squidfont back in the day, I'm wondering what kind of libraries you're using nowadays. I'm guessing a lot of third-party Kontakt libraries?

Waterflame responds:

Thanks for the review! :) The orchestral was mostly made with east-west quantum leap stuff. But the flute is actually an old classic, its from edirol orchestral. I used that flute a lot back in the day so I felt like it was the ultimate touch to unite old with new.