Reviews for "-Stride-"

okay. that breakdown was really cool actually. Such a drastic change in dynamics and you executed it perfectly. It was a breath of fresh are from the main versus.

very cool riffs on the second verse.

The mix is a bit cluttered in the mid-highs. You have a lot of the trumpet stabs and strings on one panned side. I would keep them opposite to help each of them shine through.

freakin love the part at 4:14. You could've easily dragged this song over 7 minutes by just keeping that part playing for more.

I honestly can not tell if its over compression that's making everything sound (stagnate?) or you pumped up the ratio too high, or the release is too short. I definitely think the ratio/gain is pumped too much.

I would've liked to hear more high end on the snare/hihats. they really add some ground to an already groovy-riff based track.

But yeah. Ease off the compression a bit, Clean up those mid-highs with your trumpets/violins. Pan out your instruments a bit more, especially when you got those trumpet stabs going. I would love to hear an extended version with that bad ass 4:14 section.

What trumpet/violin packs are you using? I've been seeking out new libraries recently.

Love what ya do WF!

I've always had a hard time appreciating your sound, not because its bad just because of my taste in general, but this one kinda spoke to me and listened to some of your other songs again as well and liked it more than I have previously. Converted lmao :)

5/5 stars

Yea, I am agree with Mytholigist. This music is awesome, and it really reminds Time Machine. Good job, dude! :D

The good ol' Waterflame is back!, This track really reminds me of Time Machine... not entirely sure why. This track will certainly get a 5/5 from me :)