Reviews for "Weed - Harmless? P2"

Your Food

Funny because it's true. Man, I get the munchies so bad & half the time I don't even think about it. I just get up and go, grab some candy or chips or something at the store, and run back to my house to just chill out and eat. Man, you get such a crazy appetite when you're baked.

As for the movie, it wasn't as funny I didn't think as the first one, still funny though. Good choice of song, better animation then before though, youc an tell your artwork had improved a lot by then.

Keep it up buddy!


this was grt lmao

Again Perfect

Nicely done

whos cheryl?


haha funni

Haha yea parents r like tht, they dnt giva a fuk bout there kids, jst as long they can do things 4 em selves the parents r happy.
This was a funni 1 jst like the 1st 1 lol