Reviews for "Weed - Harmless? P2"

First one was better.

Still doesn't make this one not funny though =)

I loved it!

haha as a stoner myself, (Ahem) I found ths soo damn funny! Uv gotta make a movie with these charecters in it!!

awsome magical i love it!!!!!

The head bobing is so true


Fucking hell. That was some funny shit. The head bopping made me miss myself laughing.

Great film mate. I can't find nothing wrong with this. It was shorts, funny and unique. Hard to find movies like this on here these days.

Well done mate.

So true, yet again.

Yet another great flash about dope, yes, yes it IS great. But focusing on the flash I really enjoyed the humor in this. But the part I liked most is when the guy started bopping his head, pure genius. Decent graphics and animation, but kick ass tunes. Keep it up.