Reviews for "Weed - Harmless? P2"

gets better everytime!

Last episode was good.. This one was better! keep it up mate!


ha! it was alright at first and then a girl rides into a pole and explodes...it made me and all of my friends laugh our asses off! you should make more

Not Bad

Needs A Bit Better Animation
Bad But The Bobbing heas bit at the end was over doing it
gd try :]

lmfao. XDDD

ah shit. XDDD, yes the explosion was overdoing it, but it made it a shitload better, i can't stop laughing....."who's sheryl" "u kno our daughter.." "shhh football."
lmfao XD
nice. lol, haha l8r
stay (sic),
Dana aka ToLKen<333

This ones my favortite!

I really like this one, you set it up to be about that stupid commercial, but the really funny part was the token black guy. Funny as hell. You make a good point though, that commercial was made by the government and not thought out too much.
Great job!