Reviews for "Weed - Harmless? P2"

ha ha ha

thats true dumb ass parents are like that.....or am i just high, fuck it that was hella funny

Love the headbob!

i am smoking one as we speak and just got done watching this video. the headbob got me. i lost it. had to restart the movie so i coukld finish watching the movie. then guess what ... yeah ... headbob got me again. so if i ever make it past the headbob i will let you know what i think of the ending =D


Kids riding bicycles are a danger to all of us!! they kill brain cells, reduce motivation, and carry a wide variety of diseases!!!

Better than the first in my opinion.

Hahaha, girls who explode on impact while riding on a bike automatically makes things 10 times funnier.
The animation was a lot better here, so enough whining from other reviewers.
And the content was priceless.

Another great animation.

mildly sucked

not that good, and both weed and kids riding bicycles are both harmless