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Reviews for "Camp Fe (2019 update Camp Hentai sex Dater)"

what happens when you click the kraken

MrMarshy responds:

Theres no kraken in the game at the moment. So not sure what you are talking about but, that doesn't sound like a bad idea for the future

I can't load my saves from previous builds.. Please try adding that

you should add so that you can ask atleast 2 people at once to come to your room at night

I remember Early early development of this game and I'm uber impressed on how far it has come, Especially from one Individual. Diggin the option to skip chapters too cause there's soo much content that sometimes it sucks to have to start over from chapter 1. So, a big thanks from me.

Scenes were neato and the fact that every person has their own specific personality is awesome. The ability to buy gifts only at night though gets irritating a little, but there isn't much to it after the core mechanics have been figured out.

Another point to mention, The summary for chapter 1 is nice, and it's pretty amazeballs how you reward for reading.

Looking forward to future installments!!

Easy gameplay. Would use some hotkey for switching clothes. How to use sexmachine?