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Reviews for "Camp Fe (2019 update Camp Hentai sex Dater)"

There is a song in game that plays over all the others while they play, and the premium features are excessive. I believe some TLC in polishing up other less noticeable things, fixing the song overlap, and cutting back on the patreon features will knock this game out of the park.

its good, but premium features for patreons ruin it.

I like the game and how it is progressing. Keep up the good work.

Some bugs:
- Masturbate always takes you to evening. So at 9 am, it takes you to evening, and during the evening, it takes no time at all.
- On the map, the label that says what each location is can be used to select farm or clinic. It is a bit confusing when that happens.
- The witch disappears from the shop after you decide to love her. Maybe the same if you keep her transformed. But when you click on an item in the witch's store, she reappears next to Snow.
- Some things disappear in the evening and at night. Examples: The Stats button, the farm.

- It would be nice if after an action you had the choice to go back to the map (current behavior) or back to the same location. If you want to hunt 2 bounties, you need to enter the hunting camp twice.
- It would be nice if the security cams showed different views. I'm sure that's planned in a future release.

Things that confused me:
- The formal Fridays are weird. When I pick a girl to be with that night, it just shows a fire. I am playing as a female, I don't know if that matters.
- The clinic is suddenly closed after 5 checkups.
- The pirate girl is surprisingly flat as a character. Not much interaction or story to her.
- The cave girl is also a bit odd. I like the mysterious aspect of her, but then it doesn't lead to anything mysterious. She just lives in a cave.

I've beaten and gotten everything to max, bought everything and got every single girl to max within an hour.... gg

this game is amazing it is a blast and it deserves all the praise and support its getting, i do have a question how do i romance the tina character, i have been trying to figure it out and if you could point me in the right direction that would be great if not its totally fine, but overall the game is great and i hope you keep working on it and make other games as well
Edit: i figured it out, but thank you for making such a great game