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Reviews for "Camp Fe (2019 update Camp Hentai sex Dater)"

un buen juego

I love this game

this game reminded me of Everlasting Summer, but a bit worser than it

okay so i made it to day 91 something i learnt is that you cant max out the characters, ive only gone up to 1000 but yeah also ive bought 20 of each energy drink and other thingy you cant screw the nurse and alien chick any time after maxing them out. everything resets after i log in which sucks, but yeah i am not satisfied due to there being no end game nothing that your really trying to acheive the calander went up ton 90 i wanted it to be the end i would feel satisfied with the outcome and how i got there ngl its a great game and i would totally play it again but if there is nothing to work towards, there is no point in trying to beat it like would mario beat bowzer if princess peach wasnt kidnapped no he would stay home and be gay but its the ending that really is meant to make a game great and not good so this is a good game 4.5 out of 5 you really good at making games though hoping for an update before flash is gone for good or you knoe if there is a website with your game on it that isnt flash that would be good too, rfingers cross bye

EDIT: also dont make the girl with glasses appear on the statistics unless you actually paid for premium because i kept thinking i missed on of the girls completely before figuring it out

writing a new review saying I just fucking love this game, I've played it over so many times, The characters are amazing, game is high quality, the only flaw I see is the re-use of some art, but overall, an amazing game, and I cant wait for future releases, keep up the amazing work man. if I had money available I would donate to you, but unfortunately money is tight where I am, once again, keep up the amazing work king.