Reviews for "Dark Reflection"


absolutely amazing.


that was great. You picked a good song and you had good animations too. How long did You work on this? 15 days? well all i have to say other than wat ive said is keep up the work.

(that was awsome)


dude if thats what you see when you look in the mirror then your really fucked up te hee hee just kidding that was really cool nice animation not to mention the girl actually looked like a girl(gasp)


...I'm speechless. That was absolutely amazing. It's definatly not one of the basic half-hearted flashes made for this site, but rather something you put some effort into. Wonderful and I'll be keeping up with your flashes. Definately on my favorites list.

Uniqueness is found best in flawed views.

This stands out from the rest of them. Do not know what is going on with just one physical plane seen of a grungy bathroom, but the spectical of the psycho trip was phenomenal. The girl was cute and felt like that was a frightening experience for her. And oh, the crescent moon behind her when she was falling was awesome.
What I like best is the schetched look of it, this gives it a real unique quality.