Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

good shit

ok man i know this was just and expermint but theres more to it more sensitve and darkness that i see its about insecrutiys its about the grl lookin into the mirrior and seeing the dark uglyness in or or thats waht she thinks and it pushs her soo far(aka that ledge in the thing)and it sends her spiraling down from herself i know a grl who used to be liek that the funnyt thing this vid could explain my freind exactyly i giver u props for this good music man every one loves mxpx and good animation good shit indeed

Perfect in Animation, good unique style

Music was awesome, Style was unique, best animation I've seen.


i liked your animation style. good music 2 ^.^


OMG! OMG! OMG! I don't get it.... its.. just... its OK.


though the animation for this short wasn't as good as some i've seen, the way you use colors and the music really gives the jarring effect to it. It really disturbs and captures you. The way you juxtaposed certain colors and shapes and background got me really into it. Good job.