Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

Great style except...

Ok, like most people I had some trouble understanding the main plot of this peice. The style and graphics of this film were awsome. But as with most abstract forms of art, everyone that views it, takes something different away. I however coulden't make any connection with anything that I personally experienced. But, all in all. it was a very well done flash.

A Remarkable flash

far be it from me to be bullied into giving this one a "10" just because it I can't understand the plot.
The fact that the plot makes very little sense is the fault (or responcability) the film maker, not the viewer.

I would normally consider a short like this a big failure,
and say next time give us some info like,
why does she trip out when she sees her reflection?,
who or what is the manifestation in black suppose too represent, her darker side?, a fear of some sort?
perhaps a fear of her own reflection?

yes the graphics were amazing, I only wish you'd put them too good use and give us something we can make sense off.

there are probibly 100 people who have 100 different views of what that flash was about and what just happened to the girl it featured. but well done for the amazing mood directing.


thats trippy

to the ones of you.....

this is a great peice by the way, but what i realy wanted to use this space as a shout out to all you children ,you know who you are by the end of this, that if you dont freakin get a movie and cant comprehend the abtract thought stop trying to blam or hurt the movie score. ive read all of the reviews for the best flashs i ever seen, and theres atleast 100 people saying" i dont get this, BLAM THIS PEICE OF CRAP" or " this is horrable, go kill yourself fag!" people who write those mean me you have the comprhension of a 3 yr old. your just mad that somethings to intelligent for you to "get it". aim me miscreant. Spatiality's has come to newgrounds

I liked it.

The part with her falling with the moon in the background was pretty tight.