Reviews for "Dark Reflection"

Now, that was art!

You know you experienced art when you can make so many conclusions and pull so many insights from it. Like was it about Superficailism, Or egocentrisim. And to be able to walk away with all of it. It was a visual and audio masterpiece. Keep rockin baby.

well, the art was good

the art was good and u show great potential, maybe next time add words to help understand the frame of mind ur flash is in. besides that good job hope to see more by u

Excellent work

Since some of you understand the emotion being conveyed in this piece give me a clue, cause I have no idea.

Animation wise I really liked it, Especially the fall, and at the end where the broken mirror is reflexing the walls, its a really nice flash.

Personal Representation!

I'm sure we've all had moments like that and moreso myself as of late!! Excellent work conveying it and fabulous choice of music - any more examples of their work?


The animation perfectly matches the great music. very dramatic. simply awsome